Digital Hoof Gauge


About the Inventor of Accuhoof

Samuel McKee is a third generation farrier who has been running a successful business in Ocala, Florida’s competitive farrier industry for the past 17 years.  He has been shoeing horses since he was 16 years old.  He has worked on world class horses throughout his career including multiple winners such as Kentucky Derby winner Giacamo, Belmont winner Summer Bird, and a multitude of performance horses including grand prix and hunter champions. He always believed that farriers needed more precision in the measurement of horses hoof angles. This belief led him to the development of his company Accuhoof Inc. in 2010. He had his first digital hoof gauge prototype in early 2012 and started using it immediately. Astounded with the high precision of the device he decided to move forward with it. Two prototypes later he delivered Accuhoof; a highly rugged, well designed tool for today’s modern hoof care professional. The device can provide toe angle measurements to the tenth of a degree consistently alleviating guess work and poor vision. Samuel believes that the hoof angle is vital to the balance of a horses gait and soundness but also agrees that it’s not the only issue facing the farrier industry when it comes to balancing horses hoofs. He believes that his product, Accuhoof, will advance farrier science and add precision to hoof care today. He uses his device regularly and has proven positive results, as well as customer satisfaction and peace of mind.